Nice words

Nice Words

Just some things our lovely clients have said. We would be very happy to put you in touch with them if you would like to find out what the Le Boudoir experience is like first hand!


“Rebecca and Andrew did a fantastic job at making me feel at ease throughout the session
They were friendly, but extremely professional and I enjoyed every minute of it!
I was really pleased with my photos (and so was my husband).
Great experience, great fun and great results.  Thanks so much for making my boudoir day very special and memorable.” Nicky


“Ten years ago I was working as a model in Sydney, loving life and doing anything I could to get in front of the camera! Fast forward to 2011 and the thought of getting into my undies and looking in the bedroom mirror fills me with despair. The thought of getting into my undies and an actual evidencing photo being taken warrants hyperventilating and a sudden urge of flight or fight. Where’s the nearest exit?! I’m not obsessed with my body and neither do I regard myself as being body conscious, I’m just very out of touch with being body confident. Working with Le Boudoir was such a fun experience and although prior to the shoot I got myself tangled in my own physical anxieties, I knew I was in safe hands. I was given ideas of props and outfits that I could wear which really helped and on the day Andrew was really reassuring and his creativity was really inspiring. I loved it!! Look at me go! Having a quick peep at the photos as you go along really helps you to understand what’s working and Andrew is magic at knowing which angles and lighting work best for you. I felt comfortable and glamourous and I actually really enjoyed myself on the shoot. The photos were outstanding and I still can’t believe how good I look! I’m pretty smug I gained some more confidence, had an absolute blast at the shoot and came away with a bag full of hot piccies that my son has banned me from putting on Facebook ( a sure sign of success!) I would highly recommend to everyone to do a shoot with Le Boudoir photography!!” Emily


“I had always wanted to do the whole ‘boudior’ photography thing, but as I am not a natural extovert I was slightly nervous about being photographed in my underwear.  I shouldn’t have worried because from the minute I opened the door to Rebecca and Andrew I immediately felt relaxed and at ease with the whole thing.  We chatted for a while about where we would get the best shots and the light, and then got on with the shoot.  Andrew made me feel more and more confident as we went on and Rebecca used her feminine expertise to make sure everything looked just right.  I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, which was fun and liberating.  My husband was blown away by the ‘little black book’ I gave him with the images from my secret day.” Alison