Who will be at my shoot, can I bring a friend?
Of course you can have a friend or anyone you wish at your shoot! Otherwise it will just be Rebecca, Andrew and your make up artist if you choose to have one.

What do I need for the shoot?
You will need a variety of lingerie, shoes and jewellery. It can be a good idea to plan a change of clothing to achieve a variety of different looks during the shoot. Black is often considered to be standard sexy attire but other colours look great and photograph well and again can add variety to the final images. You may also want to use other props and items to accessorise and personalise your shoot and often a man’s white shirt can make a great prop. For brides, consider bringing your favourite white lingerie, your veil can also be used to complete the look.

How will my pictures be digitally retouched?
Your pictures will be subtly retouched to remove any blemishes but always will remain natural looking.

How long before I can see my finished photographs?
Your finished images will normally be ready to view in your passworded secure gallery within seven days from the shoot. The gallery will be available for a further seven days to allow you ample time view them.

Do you do hair and make up?
We are able to recommend both hair and makeup artists and to arrange for them to be available to help you prepare for your shoot. This is available at extra cost.

Will I look good in my photographs?
Yes! Definitely! We are so confident of this that, if you are not completely happy, we will give you a refund!

Yikes! I’m a bit nervous! Is that OK?
Completely. We do everything we can to make your photographic experience fun, relaxed and empowering. Nerves are completely normal and we will help you by showing you how to pose and supporting you all the way. It is a team effort and you will soon feel at ease.

My home is a mess! Can we really take great images there?
No problem. We bring backdrops, studio lighting and props are are very experienced at photographing in a wide variety of locations. ¬†we also know how to use each location to it’s best advantage and enjoy the variety that this type of working offers.